Nasva Paadiehitus OÜ

We specialize in wooden vessels

We are offering

Nasva Paadiehitus is engaged in:

Construction of vessels

We will craft a vessel
according to your needs


We can store your boats and/or tools in secured and warm hangar

Repairing and improving Your vessel

We have a qualified workforce, who can take care of Your boat.

Sale of boats

We are offering used vessels

Precision and order

Nasva Paadiehitus OÜ was established in 12.08.2014 with a purpose to create a place in Saaremaa, Nasva, where it is possible to construct wooden vessels, as well as taking care of maintenance, repair works and storage.

Business will be conducted in 840 m2 warm and secured hangar

Nasva Paadiehitus OÜ has a licence issued by the Estonian Maritime Administration for construction of vessels out of plastic and wood, as well as license for maintenance and testing said vessels.

Completed work

According to Your wishes and needs

A client can also use our hangar to do repairworks on their own

When a free space is available, we can store anything that a client wishes

Personal offer

Completed work

Constructed and restored vessels

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Nasva Paadiehitus OÜ
Ülejõe 10-a, Nasva, Saaremaa

Phone: (+372) 51 36 946

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